Example: by Marylu E. Herrera

This week, men explores their sexuality, kinks, and limits after being in a heterosexual relationship: 34, in a polyamorous relationship, Philly.


8:30 a.m.

We awaken Sunday day in J’s West Village apartment. We met 12 years ago at a celebration (as I had been directly and he was a woman) and badly disliked one another. We lately reconnected once I saw him tweeting about his divorce case and consequent change. I slid to the DMs to acceptance him towards the queer divorcé pub.

My ex and I were together for seven many years. All of our marriage were unsuccessful due to the fact we increased apart. We went poly as an effort to regenerate it, which had been a tragedy. While I had been quickly capable time once more, I understood I became interested in males (a realization that took place at the gymnasium, naturally).

Anyway, J is an ideal twink — both boyish and delicate. We come across each other every couple weeks and talk a lot in the middle.

9 a.m.

J and I also find a granny to fuck before my personal bus back to Philly. I could inform J really likes getting a son and really likes screwing being fucked by additional young men. Offering him that knowledge is just as gratifying since the sex alone.

11 a.m.

Through the shuttle, I text my personal girl, K, just who resides in Boston and it is visiting on Thursday. We’ve been doing long-distance for the past seven-ish months. I tell the girl about my week-end with J, who she is met. It really is cheesy poly crap, but I’m glad that my personal sweetheart is now friends with some body I’m seeing.

7 p.m.

We stop a game of

Elden Ring

to jack off.

11 p.m.

We turn fully off my personal PlayStation and text both K and J good-night.

time pair

9 a.m.

I actually do my personal WFH spreadsheets task in ad tech. Dull, whatever.

1 p.m.

Information a to ensure that individuals’re going to hang out afterwards. They go back to me slightly future to confirm.

6:30 p.m.

Yoga class.

9 p.m.

an and that I cuddle inside our undies. They certainly were a frequent third beside me in addition to person I found myself online dating during COVID, but ever since then, we’ve been attempting (and weak) to reconnect for some time.

an is a professional dancer features an absolutely incredible human anatomy. Do not end up hooking up, nevertheless feels good becoming with these people. They have viewed a large section of my personal queer development in the last two years. They tell me they’re transferring to the West Coast for a dance task. We inform them i am happy for them, though privately i am unfortunate, wishing I’d prioritized witnessing all of them more.

11 p.m.

We find out with a within their foyer until my Uber arrives. I am regretful that I didn’t attempt to initiate a hookup earlier in the day. We vow to hang before they leave.

time THREE

9 a.m.

Record onto work, always check some emails.

9:30 a.m.

Feed my personal sourdough beginning. I make bread for a weekly queer potluck I go to with C, a nonbinary pull king i have been witnessing notably regularly. We text them guaranteeing they will the potluck the next day. I additionally text V, the pilates teacher i am supposed to see tonight. She’s got wonderful abs, big vision, and a blonde mullet. She is got that yoga-teacher crunchiness (that we undoubtedly have something for).

2 p.m.

I ask K about her strategies for today. She is going to a novel signing about queer record with a woman she’s watching. I tell the lady that i am witnessing V this evening. We are both happy per additional.

7 p.m.

We bike to V’s location. She helps make vegan ramen. Before long, we are nude in her own bedroom. V likes that i could toss this lady around and pin the girl down — I was a powerlifter and a bodybuilder for decades before using pilates — and that I love just how bendy and flexible she actually is. I pick her up off the ground and bang this lady while standing for some, that we can inform converts the girl on. She comes a bunch of instances after which requires me to arrive. I assist.

10:30 p.m.

My legs are so exhausted and aching that I want to cycle house taking a stand.

11 p.m.

K texts myself a lovely selfie of her and her time. We inform the girl I’m hoping she’s a good some time and start

Elden Ring

to relax and play for an hour or so before going to sleep.


7 a.m.

I awake to a text from K about how she had a lot of homosexual intercourse. Hell yeah.

11 a.m.

The loaves of breads look wonderful. We take a picture that We post to Instagram and Twitter and send to any or all I’m connecting or flirting with.

5:30 p.m.

We check out see C prior to the potluck. We catch-up inside their garden. They’re disarmingly sweet and simple to speak with, and additionally they enhance a form and gentle area in me that i prefer.

6 p.m.

We check-out their particular area to manufacture around and jack both off some. Neither folks come, but neither of us feels the requirement to. One thing about connecting with C gives me personally into a very wonderful “head empty, no views” space. With other people, my mind can stroll regardless of how much i am enjoying the gender, however with C, I feel entirely enveloped by the experience.

9 p.m.

C and I also kiss both good-bye following the potluck. I find a drive back into my area thinking of just how nice these include.


7 a.m.

K concerns Philly nowadays!

12:30 p.m.

K texts myself a lovely selfie of their on the Amtrak. I react with a heart-eyes emoji.

5:15 p.m.

K finds my apartment, and I’m delighted observe the lady. She is got amazing curls, strong doe eyes, and a deliciously tight climber’s human anatomy. We found at a pal’s party. I found myselfn’t certain I found myself prepared for a relationship, nevertheless mental connection was too-good not to follow, even with the bullshit of long distance. Now she actually is transferring to Philly become beside me (and step out of Boston). She actually is been poly her whole person life and it is getting ahold of her very own bisexuality just as i will be. It feels good getting with someone who is certainly going through some of the exact same stuff as myself.

We now have an extended, nice embrace. I bury my face in her hair and inhale her fragrance. We strip down and go onto sleep. At some point, cuddling turns to fucking. We have now become specialists in one another’s enjoyment. I finger this lady, and she utilizes a vibrator until she arrives, I then bang her from behind and arrive within her — all of our vision closed inside mirror I hung up alongside my bed. We simply take a couple precious naked selfies collectively, after that pass-out in both’s hands, our very own feet snuggled by my personal cat.

8 p.m.

We wake up from our snooze and determine going to in the kink meetup at a bar inside my community. I am new to the kink world, but K’s already been carrying it out for some time. We make mild small talk with from the attendees before K in the course of time works within the self-confidence to ask a fairly girl whom some people are striking if she can have a turn. As K deftly slaps your ex butt with a riding harvest, the lady whimpers with satisfaction, the girl right back arching. I check out the chance for welcoming the woman residence and banging the woman with each other. But she’s truth be told there together with her sweet (but clearly directly) date, and I also’m certain he is most likely considering a similar thing about K.

11:30 p.m.

We go house giddy with pleasure that K will move right here therefore’ll have the ability to do this continuously. I’m exhausted, but K is excellent at rousing me personally once I’m tired. We shag and pass out in both’s arms.


12:15 p.m.

We make use of our very own luncheon break to possess intercourse. K is exploring some bi-gender stuff, so she wears a binder and I call her my personal son. I don’t love being as well principal with ladies, but I really do think its great with men. I’ve her call me “Daddy,” slapping her butt and screwing her tough. Neither people arrives, but we both get most delight from the jawhorse.

5:30 p.m.

Yoga course with K. V isn’t really instructing tonight, but all parties have actually affirmed which won’t end up being odd if she were. During class, I idly imagine a post-yoga threesome with K and V.

7 p.m.

K and that I grab takeout on your way right back through the studio, smoke cigarettes weed, and view some attacks of

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

. (she actually is a massive lover.)

9 p.m.

K pegs me personally aided by the band that we ordered on her behalf finally click here. I quiver with enjoyment. We’re both tops but switch for each and every different. She draws my personal locks, and I also ride the woman strap in a lot of positions. When my personal arse are unable to go on it anymore, I fuck the girl and appear inside of the girl. I quickly have their down using a variety of a vibrator and a metal insertable wand. She squirts a bunch (we have learned to get a towel down), subsequently arrives difficult, melting into my personal hands.


8 a.m.

We awake before K and acquire some

Elden Ring


9:30 a.m.

K wakes up, so we get bagels and coffee.

8 p.m.

After a fairly low-key day, K and that I cook to visit on with a few buddies to a regional queer dance night. K does my eyeshadow, and I also put on my personal black-leather use, fabric cuffs, and pet ears.

11 p.m.

We meet the friends from the dance club, who possess coke and mushrooms. K partakes of both, but we stick to weed. There are numerous adorable boys.




good looking man with a Jersey accent arises in my experience and excitedly claims hello. I am visibly puzzled until he reminds myself that he’s D, the man from my personal basic Grindr hookup last fall (really, one of them — it had been a foursome in a hotel where I became as well anxious to get hard). We expose him to K, who tells him its an honor.

12 a.m.

Dancing and flirting with cuties collectively (as well as the medicines) have K and me personally humming and frisky. We get into a bathroom stall, and she right away begins blowing me personally. The seediness with the entire experience is an enormous turn on for both of us.

1 a.m.

The friends imply that you will see an after-party and probably an orgy, but both K and I are not having enough electricity and want to catch a yoga course in the morning. We just take an Uber home, possess some smooth and sleepy gender, and go to bed in each other’s arms.

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